Allied Telesis introduces new Active Fiber security

Solution aims to prevent eavesdropping

Intelligent connectivity company, Allied Telesis, has launched Active Fiber Monitoring, the new security measure that looks to prevent eavesdropping on fibre communications.

According to the company, the patent-pending technology is built-in to all Allied Telesis X Series switches running the latest AlliedWare Plus Operating System, and can detect when a cable is being tampered with and will raise an alarm to warn of a possible security breach.

Allied Telesis senior product manager, Graham Walker, said the security of data on fibre links used to be taken for granted.

“Companies need to be made aware that it’s now very easy to snoop traffic on fibre undetected. Until now, the only countermeasures have been encryption, which is expensive and introduces latency, or sensitive light meters, which are complex to set up and can give false positives. Active Fiber Monitoring is an effective alternative that is easy to use and completely free,” he added.