iWebGate targets growth in 2016

Says it is gaining traction across the Asia-Pacific region
iWebGate preps itself for growth

iWebGate preps itself for growth

Internet security company, iWebGate (ASX:IWG) is expecting rapid end user and customer growth in 2016, according to its Asia-Pacific managing director, Mark Harrell.

Harrell said the company is especially optimistic about the year ahead, as it will soon begin to roll out its complimentary mobility platform and its decision to evolve to an indirect business model has built a substantial Telstra and non-Telstra partner network.

According to Harrell, Asia-Pacific is a key target region for iWebGate, and it is gaining strong traction from Telstra and other distribution partners.

Since deployment on the Telstra App Marketplace in August 2015, iWebGate has engaged more than 40 Telstra partners and this number is expected to increase throughout 2016.

“Through these resellers, iWebGate has increased its potential client base and is marketing to hundreds of thousands of Telstra customers at small, medium large enterprise levels across Australia. Our non-Telstra partner network has grown to more than 20 and the company is engaging five to 10 new partners each month,” he said.

Based on these current activities with Telstra and non-Telstra partners, the business has set targets of 50,000 users adopting a new productivity application in the next twelve months with a projected monthly per-user price of $8.00 net to iWebGate.

Other secure connectivity solutions have been developed and are ready for release, with the forecast number of networks exceeding 2000 enterprises in the next year at a minimum of $100.00 per month net to iWebGate.

“Additional partners in the Asia-Pacific, US and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, plus the activation of additional security and productivity applications, are forecast to compound these projections in the next twelve months.”

Harrell said in December 2015, it signed a contract with a West Australian State Government agency to implement a network out front of their proprietary. The company's cyber security technology has already been installed in the authority's facilities.

As a result, it has also commenced discussions and evaluation trials with other local government agencies.

“This rapid customer growth will continue into 2016, with revenue uplift expected. Upon release of the enterprise mobility suite, revenue generation is expected to increase significantly within the next twelve months,” he added.

Harrell also said the company is greatly encouraged with its progress and with further potential customers already in advanced discussions and product evaluations, strong customer momentum will continue into the new year, delivering revenue growth in 2016.

"Through our Telstra partner network, we have access to Telstra customers at small, medium and enterprise-level organisations across Australia and we are excited about the growing number of new customers already signing up to our product suite through this channel and other partners.

“As we roll out our enterprise mobility platform, every network server, device, application and user becomes an additional touch point presenting monthly revenue capacity on a per user, device, server or transaction basis in our quest to significantly secure and simplify networks,” he added.