UXC Consulting acts as technical advisor to Victorian government

Provides advisory for the procurement and design of the VicFreeWiFi network
UXC Consulting acts as technical advisor to Victorian government

UXC Consulting acts as technical advisor to Victorian government

Business management company, UXC Consulting, has acted as the technical advisor to the Victorian government during the procurement and design of the VicFreeWiFi network.

The pilot of the VicFreeWiFi network has started in Ballarat and Bendigo, to provide outdoor wireless coverage for the general public, tourists, and businesses to use for smart city innovation initiatives, with the Melbourne CBD service set to be launched in 2016.

The VicFreeWiFi network was designed by TPG to provide users with extensive Wi-Fi coverage of the Bendigo and Ballarat CBD areas, an improvement to the localised hotspot model.

UXC Consulting CEO, Nick Mescher, said this means that users will not have to reconnect as they move between access points throughout coverage zones. He claimed users will have an allowance of up to 250MB per device, per day and do not require personal logins or feature pop-up advertising.

Mescher also said UXC Consulting provided input to the government’s tender specification and evaluation of all tender responses. It also participated in the negotiation and definition of key service levels, identified the in-kind government contributions and processes needed to access to government-owned infrastructure, and provided technical oversight during the design phase of the network.

“This partnership is important in building UXC Consulting’s role as a trusted technical advisor supporting the government in providing value for the taxpayer dollar. UXC Consulting believes it is important to contribute to technology-based innovative initiatives that bring lifestyle and business benefits to the community,” he said.

Mescher mentioned the VicFreeWiFi network is a great example of the innovative projects that we’re delivering to multiple levels of governments across the country.

“This Wi-Fi network will provide a platform, on which smart city initiatives such as efficient waste collection and management, smart traffic management and parking and smart lighting can be developed, following such trends occurring in cities all around the world,” he added.