Telstra backed muru-D invests in start-ups for #SYD3

Offers up to $60,000 in seed capital investment to 10 start-ups
Telstra backed muru-D invests in start-ups for #SYD3

Telstra backed muru-D invests in start-ups for #SYD3

Telstra-backed start-up accelerator, muru-D, will offer up to $60,000 in seed capital investment to 10 successful start-ups. Kicking off from February 1, 2016, these start-ups will also benefit from a highly developed network of mentors and industry professionals.

The ten successful start-ups selected for muru-D #SYD3 class are automated (robotic) asset inspections company, Abyss Solutions; Web and mobile app for schools, Fluid Education; software infrastructure for IoT company, Helian Systems; craft and activity box subscription for kids, Our Little Foxes; mental health support online app, Uprise; food service company, Drive Yello; professional growth app, ELLA; online selling tool, Persollo; technology ride sharing service to space business, Quberider; and website builder, Simpla.

muru-D cp-founder, Annie Parker, said it was very encouraging to see so many applications for the program, a firm reminder of how wider community sentiment and support can make entrepreneurship and innovative concepts really flourish.

“We accepted 390 registrations and 171 completed applications and were blown away by some of the creative ideas we received this year. Between the drones, the nano-satellites, apps and internet of things platforms, this intake has raised the bar again and reminded us what an incredibly exciting time it is to be part of today’s technology landscape.

“I’m also thrilled to say that this year 60 percent of the startups have a female founder or team member, which is almost double the industry average,” she said.

Abyss Solutions CEO and co-founder, Nasir Ahsan, claimed he sees the opportunity to fast-track his business as the biggest potential value-add muru-D offers.

“muru-D has a track record of helping start-ups to get their show on the road. With muru-D, we hope we can achieve in six months’ time, what we could only dream about achieving in years. We want to learn how to acquire clients quickly, which market segment to target first and how to strategically bootstrap our way into the next world,” he said.

Seven West Media chief digital officer, Clive Dickens, said Simpla will also receive specialist digital media mentoring and support as part of an agreement with Seven West Media to support startups in the media industry.

“Seven West Media is embracing disruption as an enabler and we are committed to supporting entrepreneurs and startups with great ideas – our new partnership with muru-D allows us to do both,” he said.

“muru-D is fully committed to supporting and growing entrepreneurial talent in Australia by giving the successful startup founders the platform they need to take their ideas from concept to growth,” Parker added.