Bigcommerce co-founder launches new startup PeopleSpark

The team communication platform looks to improve transparency between managers and teams

Mitchell Harper, co-founder of ecommerce platform Bigcommerce, has embarked on a new path following the launch of his new startup, PeopleSpark.

Harper said the team communication platform was founded on his own experience scaling his previous company to 500 employees and 100,000 customers in just five years.

He claimed PeopleSpark solves three pain points for teams of different sizes including retention, culture and speed through the startups weekly private feedback loop and annual and quarterly surveys that allow for insightful feedback between managers and team members.

Harper said the companys mission is to make one million people quantifiably happier at work.

“At my last company, we sent out quarterly ‘mojo’ surveys to know how everyone as feeling and to get their feedback on what was going well and what wasn’t. The feedback was great, but we had to hack together lots of different tools and we only surveyed once a quarter,” he said.

“I wanted to take those same concepts and build them into a product that any company could use to improve their culture and communication. I also wanted to shorten the feedback loop to give managers weekly insights from their team instead of quarterly, which is too slow.”