NEC Australia develops new system to support apprentices

The multi-year contract will automate many of the manual and paper-based processes

NEC Australia will implement, develop and host a new IT platform for the Department of Education and Training to improve services for apprentices and their employers.

The multi-year contract will automate many of the manual and paper-based processes involved in administering apprenticeships in Australia such as processing registration, new claims and payment deliveries.

Called the Australian Apprenticeships Management System (AAMS), it is part of the Federal Government’s plan to improve support for employers and apprentices as well as streamline payments that are currently made through the legacy Training and Youth Internet Management System (TYIMS).

“This is a critical and incredibly complex solution that will need to interface seamlessly with some of the largest government IT systems in Australia, including Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office,” NEC director of sales, Chris Korte, said.

AAMS will also support a vast network of interfaces between the Federal, State and Territory Government systems including, the Australian Business Register and Australia Post.

The new hosted platform is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle Process Automation. It will become the central store for contracts and other employer, apprentice and network provider information.

It also allows apprenticeship network providers to engage with apprentices and employers while also tracking their progress.

The system will create up to 29,000 contracts per month, and support approximately 100 different payment types, as well as process up to 135,000 transactions per month. AAMS will replace TYIMS on July 1 and support the recently launched Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN).