5 for 15: Parvinder Walia, ESET Asia-Pacific sales director

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders
Parvinder Walia, sales director, APAC at ESET

Parvinder Walia, sales director, APAC at ESET

What will be the key channel plays for 2015?

ESET has strengthened its Australian channel partner network significantly this year following the launch of its new AUSTAR One partner program. This also includes discounts and implementation procedures for the education and government sectors.

We aim to provide Australian channel partners with a complete security solution, as well as attractive business opportunities and excellent local, technical, sales and marketing support. Channel initiatives for 2015 include a state-of-the-art partner portal, an education and training portal, a renewal tracking system and an online trial follow-up system.

Despite being a technology company, we know that personal relationships matter too. As such, our Australian account management team has doubled in the last 12 months and several people from ESET’s headquarters have relocated to Australia. We also invested in a series of events nationwide that have allowed the company to build personal relationships and brand visibility within the channel.

What will be the key technology for 2015?

In February 2015, following months of in-depth business user research, we launched the next generation of our business product suite in Australia. These products are sold through ESET’s reseller network and have resulted in increased sales in the enterprise sector.

At the heart of ESET’s IT business security products is the new ESET Remote Administrator, a platform-independent, remote management console. The new user interface for the business security products simplifies the tasks of monitoring, configuring and controlling network activity to ensure organisations are forewarned and protected against unwanted and malicious actions.

What is your key message to the Channel?

Understanding the security needs and IT environments of the end-user is paramount before recommending security solutions. Once you understand a business’ needs and have implemented an appropriate solution, remember that while technology can do its bit, the human element in IT security cannot be understated.

Education for business customers is vital, and cannot end with the IT personnel. The entire organisation must be trained on how to use the products effectively and made aware of the potential cyber threats and best practices to reduce risky behaviour.

What is your key warning to the channel?

Targeted attacks will continue to become more sophisticated in 2015 and beyond. Often referred to as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), these attacks target a specific victim or group. Keep in mind that the next target could be your customer.

On top of this, as new devices connect to the Internet and have the ability to store data (such as cars, televisions, biometric systems and routers), they also become attractive targets for cybercriminals. As security needs become more diverse, the channel must consider new products, acquire new skills and offer new models of delivery to keep their customers safe. Managed services and SaaS options are often the way to best protect customers. Specialising in a particular vertical market or industry may allow you to offer the best service in this increasingly complex landscape.

Key to your company in 2015?

Channel partners have been the backbone of ESET business worldwide, and we knew it would not be any different in Australia. With the launch of our new range of business products, accompanied with customer support and product availability across Australia via our extensive partner network, we are looking at double digits growth this year.