RITEQ acquires SeeMoreData to launch RITEQ Analytics

Sees Australian workforce management solution combined with analytics expertise
RITEQ acquires SeeMoreData to launch RITEQ Analytics

RITEQ acquires SeeMoreData to launch RITEQ Analytics

Australian workforce management solution provider, RITEQ, has acquired Australian data science and analytics firm, SeeMoreData. SeeMoreData is also the creator of business intelligence and analytics platform, BI Plus.

RITEQ assumed the operation of SeeMoreData, as a new analytics division within RITEQ, from September 1, and all existing SeeMoreData staff are being retained.

According to RITEQ managing director, David Kroser, the acquisition is a move that will leverage Big Data analytics technology to create new revenue streams for RITEQ, and will respond to both the market and RITEQ’s customers’ need for business analytics integrated with a workforce management solution.

“There has been an obvious evolution in the market towards a requirement for Big Data, and we’ve been seeing very strong drivers for data analytics amongst organisations of all sizes.

“In response, we have taken steps to acquire the data science expertise and technology to incorporate an analytics module within our RITEQ Workforce Management product and to add a standalone analytics division to our business,” he claimed.

Existing and new RITEQ customers will be able to take advantage of the RITEQ Analytics solution, integrated into RITEQ Workforce Manager as a module that will be made available early in 2016. It will offer out of the box dashboard analytics on all workforce management data within RITEQ.

Organisations will also be able to feed other data sources into the analytics tool to combine workforce data with data from other key sources such as point of sale, payroll, HR, financial, traffic counting and other relevant systems.

“RITEQ Analytics will allow clients to derive and analyse data relative to labour, overlaid with all the other departmental and operational data that is available. This is going to add value to clients seeking to more effectively manage their workforce, reduce costs, increase productivity and grow revenue.

“RITEQ will continue to invest in the development roadmap of the analytics platform,” Kroser said.

He added that the company is looking ahead with a focus on the need for enhanced workforce planning capabilities.

“We will take our newly acquired analytics platform in the direction of creating a specialised workforce planning set of KPI dashboards that tie into our workforce management information, as well as into HR, financial, payroll and other operational information to facilitate workforce planning,” Kroser said.