BAE Systems Applied Intelligence brings its Cloud-based security solution to A/NZ

Defence against email threats and Zero Day attacks

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence is bringing its Cloud-based cyber security solutions to Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

The company is introducing a suite of security products designed to defend against email-based threats including targeted and ‘Zero Day’ attacks. The solutions are said to greatly reduce integration time and complexity, and offer an alternative to on-premise software and hardware.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence director cyber security products A/NZ, Adrian Blount, said, businesses often don’t realise that most cyber attacks start with an email message, and a campaign of just 10 emails has more than a 90 per cent chance of at least one person falling for it.

“Whether this is a targeted spear-phishing campaign or a shotgun-approach distribution of ransomware, the likelihood of success is unfortunately very high in the absence of the necessary protection,” he said.

The first set of Cloud-based products BAE Systems is introducing in the region includes its Email Protection Service (EPS), that provides comprehensive protection against even the most advanced threats.

“With 70 to 90 per cent of malware being unique to any single organisation, the most difficult attacks to defend against are Zero Day attacks,” Blount said.

“These are attacks that are unknown or have not previously been seen and that, as a consequence, require advanced defence.”

BAE said a core element of its EPS solution is Zero Day Prevention. The technology is based on techniques, which analyse the email in the cloud for malicious content and intent, before it reaches the recipient.

The company said one of the biggest risks to businesses is the threat of employees who accidentally or intentionally leak data. Most companies are unprepared for this kind of problem, but BAE Systems makes it easy to find and investigate these issues with its Insider Threat Prevention service, which forms part of the EPS product suite.

“Our Cloud-based cyber security solutions leverage BAE Systems’ expertise as a leader in risk analytics and cyber defence. With this launch, we are introducing A/NZ businesses to a new kind of protection against sophisticated cyber attacks. Because the solutions are cloud-based, they are easy to buy, consume and manage with a short delivery time frame. And they have the inherent flexibility to scale up or down as required, so companies assess what they need and have a service which can grow with their organisation,” Blount concluded.