Netgear launches its first Cloud-based IT service platform

Called Business Central, it aims to provide small to medium organisations with an affordable way to manage and provision IT networking services

Networking vendor, Netgear, has launched its first secure, Cloud-based IT service platform called Business Central.

It aims to provide small to mid-sized organisations with an affordable way to establish, provision and manage key IT networking services and network devices.

The first service module to be released is the Business Central Wireless Manager, which enables companies, VARs and SIs to centrally manage an entire wireless network across multiple borders, cities, buildings and floors, securely through the Cloud.

As the management function is hosted on the web, operational administrative tasks that are relevant to traditional controller architectures are eliminated — the purchase, update, support renewal, and maintenance of separate hardware are not required.

It features a single, comprehensive portal dashboard and configuration wizards, allowing the IT manager, VAR or SI to bring multiple sites, APs and users under one management umbrella within minutes. With just a few clicks, it’s easy to manage wireless SSIDs, configure wireless security settings, control free or fee-paying guest and private WiFi access on the network, and run bandwidth usage reports.

It also enables IT administrators to have comprehensive and real-time visibility into the network for total control of evolving service needs.

VARs and their customers will be offered a free 90-day introductory trial.