Toshiba dishes up servers

Continuing its efforts to provide a full range of PC solutions to the enterprise, Toshiba this week introduced servers that offer as many as four 400MHz Pentium II Xeon processors.

Toshiba unveiled the Magnia 7000 series enterprise-class server. The server targets applications such as data warehousing, database, I-commerce, and high-volume business processing.

The Magnia 7000 is designed to support future Intel processors. Intel currently offers 450MHz Xeon processors capable of two-way operation and is expected to introduce a four-way, 450MHz CPU early in 1999.

Magnia 7000 servers come with 256MB of error-correcting code, EDO DRAM, expandable to 4GB; six standard 3.5in hot-swap drive bays; a maximum of 16 storage bays with optional second hot-swap cage installed; and two standard 500-watt, hot-pluggable power supplies.

Toshiba includes Intel's LANDesk Server Manager, which provides support for the Wired for Management specification and gives network administrators a proactive management solution to help maximise uptime. For extended remote-access capabilities, Emergency Management Port software allows network management at all times from remote locations, including power on/off and console redirect.