Fujitsu delves into the IoT space with new end-to-end solution for A/NZ

Launches iMotion Edgeware management platform for IoT
Fujitsu delves into the IoT space with new end-to-end solution

Fujitsu delves into the IoT space with new end-to-end solution

ICT vendor, Fujitsu, is making a bold move into the Internet of Things (IoT) space with the launch of its iMotion Edgeware management solution in A/NZ. This end-to-end platform aims to turn real-time events and raw data into meaningful and valuable information to assist in complex decision making.

iMotion is the key management platform of Globeranger, which was acquired by Fujitsu in May 2014.

In specific, the IoT iMotion Edgeware platform provides the link between automated identification technology and enterprise applications. It allows organisations to build a hardware-independent platform with multiple connected sensors, readers, devices, handhelds, networks and other sensors that integrate with rich data from corporate systems.

The solution also translates raw tag data from fixed or mobile devices into relevant business contexts to transact activity and automatically integrate to back-end systems, without having to change enterprise or supply chain systems.

According to Fujitsu A/NZ CEO, Mike Foster, with its iMotion capability, Fujitsu is now positioned to address the business challenges that will arise from the trends of IoT and Big Data.

“With IoT and Big Data creating huge growth potential to the global economy, the number of Internet-connected devices is forecast to grow to 50 billion by 2020. We are making a significant investment in our iMotion capability as we can see a multitude of opportunities in this region, across many different vertical markets.

“The IoT iMotion Edgeware platform addresses a growing market need that will leverage our core services in systems integration, project management, implementation and management,” Foster said.