Liquid business environments are essential for company growth: VMware

CEO, Pat Gelsinger, claims new models of IT need to be adopted
Liquid business environments are essential for company growth: VMware

Liquid business environments are essential for company growth: VMware

Businesses need to adopt new models of IT, especially as liquid business environments are becoming more popular, according to VMware CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

He was speaking at the keynote address during the company’s Virtual Cloud Day 2015 address. According to Gelsinger, business priorities now revolve around rapid innovation, customer engagement, employee empowerment, and tackling new risks. And IT is an agent of change in all of this.

He said software and Big Data are reshaping IT today, but two other dominant forces are mobility and Cloud. As such, IT must have the ability to manage all of these new technologies.

“Regardless of industry, business now moves at a much faster pace than ever before. Predictability has become a thing of the past and disruption is now the norm. As such, IT needs to transform and empower businesses,” he said.

“Years old IT structures cannot cope with today’s dynamics, cannot deliver applications at today’s speed of business, and cannot promise sufficient security. IT is stuck in silos that separate traditional apps from Cloud native apps and separate IT teams from developers.”

As such, he addressed the need for a fluid, instant, and intrinsically secure business model. He suggested businesses lift IT out of the silos, bridge the divides, and open up the doors of technologies.

“This is what we mean when we say ‘brave, new IT’. It’s all about innovation, accelerating growth, dazzling customers, and empowering employees. Business executives making waves in today’s liquid environment are placing IT at the forefront of those strategic priorities,” he said.

Gelsinger also addressed the importance of capitalising on the opportunities offered by the mobile Cloud era, adding that companies should implement a new IT services delivery model.

“We need IT and data at our fingertips so this service delivery model must be instant, fluid and secure. At VMware, we adopt a software-defined approach for this. Two years ago we introduced some strategic priorities for our company and those haven’t changed since.

“They are: a software-defined datacentre, hybrid Cloud, and business mobility since our customers are no longer constrained by hardware. All this has to come together so our customers can run one Cloud in the application on any device,” Gelsinger added.