Cloud adoption leads to loss or unauthorised access to customer data: CloudBerry Lab

Aims to alleviate that with its CloudBerry backup and Cloudberry Explorer solutions
Cloud adoption leads to loss or unauthorised access to customer data: CloudBerry Lab

Cloud adoption leads to loss or unauthorised access to customer data: CloudBerry Lab

With the rise of Cloud adoption, loss or unauthorised access to a customer’s data is one of the major fears service providers face, according to CloudBerry Lab marketing director, Alexander Negrash.

The vendor of Cloud backup and Cloud storage management solutions highlighted the ways data loss in the Cloud can happen. These include hacker attacks, user errors, as malicious insider or hardware failures.

“The best way to lose your customer is to lose their data. Proper encryption, data access management in combination with a well-build data backup strategy can bring a peace of mind to IT channel in the Cloud,” Negrash said.

He added that if security is not done properly, it’s useless, but doing it properly can become quite complicated, and nothing is worse than losing an encryption key. As such, CloudBerry Lab has released its Backup and Explorer solutions with support for Amazon Web Services Key Management Service (AWS KMS).

According to Negrash, this management service provides users with the ability to encrypt data with their own password before sending it to the Cloud. AWS customers can also enable a Server Side Encryption (SEE) option for the data processed by CloudBerry Explorer or CloudBerry Backup.

He claimed this addresses the security management headache for users of multiple Amazon Cloud services head on.

“Encryption is the core element of any data protection strategy. At enterprise scale key management is vital when moving data to the Cloud. Since AWS is making a big push to enterprise, it has to address lingering concerns companies have about moving sensitive data to the Cloud.

“This new managed service presents a single view into all encryption key usage in the end-user organisation, making it easy for end-users to create, rotate and control the keys used to encrypt data.”

The channel too, can benefit from this offering. It can use AWS KMS to protect vulnerable data and convince larger partners to move to the Cloud. In addition, AWS SDKs are integrated with AWS KMS so that service providers can encrypt data in their custom applications.

The company also announced it’s currently working on data deduplication on its Linux backup support in CloudBerry Managed Backup service solution. CloudBerry said this aims to help its channel partners save up to 90 per cent on Cloud storage.