Reseller takes leap of faith

Death-defying reseller Sharon Savage threw herself into a 134m chasm after winning first prize in a Compaq “Need for Speed” sales competition.

Attached to a bungee rope at the time, the 46-year-old managing director of Advanced Computer Services said the once in a lifetime experience at Queenstown, New Zealand, would remain just that.

“You freefall for 8.8 seconds and I would never do it again – I don’t need that much excitement in my life,” she said. “They were explaining our rights in the cable car on the way to the gondola and I was thinking of asking for a refund but I had to do it.

“Standing on the tiny platform was difficult because there is nothing to hold onto and my knees were wobbly but I jumped before the countdown was finished because I was getting really agitated looking at the drop.”

The prize, a three-day trip to New Zealand for two, also included an exhilarating speedboat ride through a rocky canyon, a thrill-seeking mountain helicopter flight and a knuckle-clenching white water rafting trip.

The second and third prizes featured a flight in a fighter jet and a trip to the Gold Coast complete with Porsche hire and racing lessons. Sharon has now set her sights on winning the next Compaq prize, a trip for two to the Melbourne Grand Prix.