M2 partners GENBAND to deliver Dodo Cloud over-the-top solution

Dodo Phone Anywhere app provides free app-to-app calls, messaging, video calling and file sharing

M2 Group has launched the Dodo Phone Anywhere app to provide free app-to-app calls, messaging, video calling and file sharing.

Dodo has selected GENBAND’s fring to give customers cheap, easy communications both locally and internationally.

Fring is a white-label, cloud-based telecom OTT solution that enables service providers to deliver a high quality set of services to their customers anywhere around the globe.

M2 consumer director, Boris Rozenvasser, said the solution greatly enhanced the company's mission to deliver easy-to-use and easy-to-understand mobile voice and data products.

“Now our customers can easily stay in touch with friends and family via voice, video and messaging without paying exorbitant fees, either at home or abroad.”

The Dodo Phone Anywhere app is downloadable from both the iOS App Store and Google Play and delivers free app-to-app calls, messaging, video calling, video and voice conferencing and file sharing with other users in the community (data charges may apply).

Users can make calls anywhere in the world from a mobile phone, tablet, PC client or Mac using WiFi or cellular data services at very competitive rates. For additional ease of use, any charges incurred are billed directly to the user’s existing post-paid Dodo account, whether for communications or energy services.