Interviews galore added in 5 for 15 and 15 for 15

Four more interview takes 5 for 15 to 69, while another eight smartchats brings 15 for 15 up to 13 videos

ARN's rich editorial initiatives, 5 for 15 and 15 for 15, continue to prove a massive success as as even more ICT industry leaders deliver thought-provoking and telling keys to the channel in 2015.

With four new interviews online in 5 for 15, the total has reached 69 industry experts sharing their knowledge in 295 key insights. You want the keys to the channel? 5 for 15 will give you answers.

The latest 5 for 15s come from a broad range of channel players including: Sumal Karunanayake, ForgeRock senior vice-president Asia-Pacific and Japan; Todd Parsons, Avaya Australia and New Zealand channel director; Katja Felgendreher, Paessler AG senior channel sales manager, APAC; and Peter Phokos, Hemisphere Technologies director.

There's more: Add eight more interviews in 15 for 15 - 15 (or more) seconds of prime video in which the interviewees tell us what their company will do in 2015. They are all shot on a handheld smartphone in classic snapchat fashion.

The latest videos feature a stellar line-up: Pip Marlow, Microsoft; Paul Robson, Adobe; Nick Verykios, Distribution Central; Nathan Lowe, ASI Solutions; Jason Ashton, BigAir Group; Dave Stevens, Brennan IT; Andrea Della Mattea, Insight; and Ken Boal, Cisco Systems.

Together 5 for 15 and 15 for 15 offer a rich and growing resource for the ICT community and readers are browsing all the interviews online for that key insight that could help their business or the business models they are taking to clients.

It isn’t too late, if you wish to participate in 5 for 15 or take the 15 for 15 challenge (let's face it - not everybody loves doing a video!) and join the list of industry gurus having their say, then contact then contact either editorial director, Mike Gee or senior journalist Brian Karlovsky.

Below are the latest 15, 5 for 15 interviews to go online. For a full list of interviews and videos visit 5 for 15 Index.

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