Presence of IT promotes Grobler as co-CEO

He shares the role with David Brookes

HR and workforce management provider, Presence of IT, has promoted Shane Grobler as the company’s Co-CEO alongside David Brookes.

Grobler will be responsible for the sales, marketing, business development, and business operations, while Brookes will look after services delivery and support. The new Co-CEO model will allow Presence of IT to maximise the customer experience by ensuring a more customer-centric approach.

“Shane’s background has been in sales and business operations, while mine has been in service delivery and support. Our customers and staff expect us to be more hands on and by dividing the function we can have a lot more focus and get a lot more done,” Brookes said in a statement.

The company has also introduced a number of new support functions and governance structures to ensure the co-CEOs, the directors’ board and the organisation are aligned.

Previously, Grobler was the business transformation and strategy director, joining the company in 2013 after spending about 17 years at SAP.

The company’s transformation within the past couple of years has seen a significant investment into execution capability and new talent across Australia, North America and Asia.

“It’s time to reap the benefits of our investment,” Grobler said, “In Australia we are going strong across all revenue lines but the real opportunity for revenue growth lies within Asia and North America. The market has changed quite dramatically in the last 12 months. Cloud has been introduced into every customer’s agenda and this quarter we are experiencing exponential growth."

Grobler highlighted his priorities as a Co-CEO will be to make sure it continues the momentum and remains relevant to customers.

“We can do this by adopting a holistic approach to meet our customers need, by leveraging every piece of our business technology offerings, whether SAP, Oracle or Kronos,” Grobler said.