HP expands Helion Cloud portfolio

Releases pre-engineered solution to help enterprises move to the Cloud
HP managing director, South Pacific and general manager, enterprise services, South Pacific, Nick Wilson.

HP managing director, South Pacific and general manager, enterprise services, South Pacific, Nick Wilson.

Hewlett Packard has unveiled an expanded portfolio of HP Helion solutions and updates focused on key cloud innovation ecosystems to help companies rapidly transition to the Cloud.

HP Enterprise Services has enlarged the portfolio of workload-focused configurations delivered in a standardised solution for HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

It has also released a pre-engineered solution designed to help enterprises move, optimise and manage their Oracle application workloads in the Cloud.

The launch includes updates to its HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Development Platform solutions, in addition to enhancements to HP Helion Eucalyptus, an open source solution for building AWS-compatible private Clouds.

The company is rolling out seven pre-priced and pre-configured Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions for HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

These solutions are designed to meet various enterprise workload requirements, ranging from lighter workloads like applications development and low performance media sharing to enterprise workloads supporting complex ERP solutions.

HP managing director, South Pacific and general manager enterprise services, South Pacific, Nick Wilson, said customers wanted a simplified experience when finding and implementing workload specific solutions in the Cloud.

“Creating pre-configured solutions for the most frequently used workloads make it easier to quickly implement managed VPC solutions and help ease the organisation’s transition to the New Style of IT.”

HP Helion Managed VPC now offers four virtual server configurations for lighter enterprise class workloads and three physical server configurations for business-critical production workloads that require dedicated servers.

These configurations offer application modernisation opportunities, benefits of an op-ex model and faster implementation of cloud services and include credits towards workload advisory and transformation services, according to a company statement.

The virtual and physical server solutions are targeted for typical workloads, such as application development, SharePoint, unified communications and custom tools, non-critical customer relationship management, Oracle CX, data mining and analytics, SAP applications, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage.

HP Helion Business Applications for Oracle enables enterprises to transform, deploy and manage Oracle applications on HP Helion Managed Cloud platforms.

These platforms support a heterogeneous mix of applications, new implementations and application upgrade initiatives.

It is also delivering a growing portfolio of open source hybrid Cloud solutions through investment in three of the fastest growing Cloud innovation ecosystems – OpenStack and Cloud Foundry based technologies, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

These include new updates to the HP Helion OpenStack and HP Helion Development Platform, as well as the first Eucalyptus product release under the Helion brand since acquiring the company in September 2014.

Updates to HP Helion Eucalyptus 4.1 include an AWS Cloud Formation compatible service that streamlines service delivery and reduces errors of complex configurations.

While HP Helion Eucalyptus Cloud Manager, a Web-based tool which provides a simple-to-use interface for managing S3 (Simple Storage Service) compatible object storage, ensures that users no longer require separate tools to create, modify and delete buckets, or to upload and download content.

Enhancements to the HP Helion OpenStack 1.1 release include security automation and configuration enhancements; a broader array of deployment capabilities; enhanced software defined large-scale storage capabilities and enhanced lifecycle management capabilities.

The new HP Helion Managed VPC solutions are now available for purchase globally from 24 locations.

HP Helion Business Applications for Oracle services are available immediately worldwide.