15 for 15 joins 5 for 15 online - even more insights available

The video component of the massively popular 5 for 15 interview initiative has been launched.
  • Mike Gee (ARN)
  • 16 February, 2015 11:59

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we've got even more insights into how our ICT leaders are thinking. Welcome to 15 for 15, 15 seconds of prime video in which the interviewees tell us what their company will do in 2015.

And it's all shot on a handheld smartphone in classic snapchat fashion.

It is, of course, a companion piece to the massively successful 5 for 15 which is proving so popular that we are receiving new requests to part of it everyday. And why not! ICT community and readers are browsing all the interviews online for that key insight that could help their business or the business models they are taking to clients.

If you wish to participate in 5 for 15 or take the 15 for 15 challenge (let's face it - not everybody loves doing a video!) and join the list of industry gurus having their say, then contact then contact either editorial director, Mike Gee or senior journalist Brian Karlovsky.

And if you want to know what a broad range of ICT industry experts think will be the keys to 2015 in the channel and ICT industry – and the key to their business, then look no further. ARN's team of ground-breaking journalists have put together an extensive series of interviews with market leaders - and will be expanding it further throughout February and into March.

Below are the first five 15 for 15 videos and the latest 15, 5 for 15 interviews to go online. For a full list of interviews and videos visit 5 for 15 Index.

Click on the links below to watch or read.

15 for 15

5 for 15

5 for 15 is an extensive series of interviews with market leaders put together by ARN's team of ground-breaking journalists. It will run throughout February and into March.

VISIT the 5 for 15 INDEX PAGE for the full list of interviews and videos.