Internet of Things is not just about consumers: AVG

Security vendor foresees the channel having to expand its support capabilities are more devices connect.

Internet of Things (IoT) tends to be viewed from the consumer perspective, according to AVG.

Security advisor, Michael McKinnon, said there is an “overarching understanding” of the topic from the consumer side that is gradually taking over the definition.

“When people have conversations about IoT, they start talking about wearable devices and other technologies, which don’t have a huge relevance in a business setting,” he said.

McKinnon said the discussions by established MSPs, who have been involved in the space for some time, are different

“They have reached a level of maturity at their business where they are starting to do a lot for their customers in managing devices,” he said.

“What they are telling us is the expectation of what they are expected to manage for customers is starting to grow.”

The responsibility of connectivity

McKinnon sees IoT encompass devices that were traditionally not connected to a network, such as CCTV, environmental control systems, and even elevators.

“IT services provider was never expected to manage these, let alone know what they were doing,” he said.

If an elevator broke down a customer would call the elevator company, though now McKinnon is seeing situations where the IT services provider is expected to monitor the elevator.

“When it stops works, it is perhaps the IT company who is calling the elevator company to get it serviced,” he said.

McKinnon said this situation will lead businesses to understand the cost effectiveness of having these functions monitored by a trusted partner or reseller.

At the same time, McKinnon said the channel may end up being “lumbered with more responsibilities to look after” for their customers.

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