Wearables mean it is the Internet of Your Things: Aerohive

Networking vendor foresees growing data volumes to create challenges for businesses.

It’s not the Internet of Everything but the “Internet of Your Things”, according to Aerohive Networks.

Business development technical manager, Bruce Hubbert, said connectivity goes beyond industrial applications and the efficiencies business can gain.

“You have a lot of people with wearables and other devices that they will bring into the workplace at a grassroots level, just as they did with smartphones,” he said.

Hubbert this push by consumers can result in challenges for organisations, as many devices do not have security built in from the front end.

“Problems occur when these can be used as vectors in creating botnets to bring down other networks,” he said.

Maintaining the data flow

Another issue posed by the Internet of Your Things is the growth of data.

In this case, Hubbert said it is important to understand what is going on in the network, such as Virtual LAN traffic and firewall access.

“This creates a need among CIOs to monitor, manage and control that type of information, and make sure it is not impacting their networks negatively or introducing new security holes,” he said.

CIOs will also need a way to ensure they have capacity and the ability to manage the quality of traffic on their network.

“Although these devices have a different networking principle from a typical device, with short bursts of information going back and forwards, they want to manage that traffic in a useful way,” Hubbert said.

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