Definable business-based outcomes to dictate IT spend: UXC Connect

IT Infrastructure provider also saw business move to a consumption-based delivery model in 2014.

IT spend in 2015 will be increasingly driven by definable business-based outcomes, according to UXC Connect.

CEO, Ian Poole, said the technology is “now a given,” and IT will be more about the business applications and business outcomes that are being sought.

“This will drive business managers to look at applications available via the Cloud, and in turn, drive the CIO to develop a digital strategy for the business,” he said.

The ability to sell business outcomes will be required, so Poole foresees vendors and resellers seeking sales people with a different skill set, and greater business and financial acumen.

The move to OpEx

For Poole, 2014 was when business moved from a capital-based to consumption-based delivery model.

While the change from CapEx to OpEx is nothing new, Poole said this year the transition was particularly quick.

“Consumption-based models offer flexible and rapidly scalable solutions,” he said.

Poole adds that these models can be adapted to a particular business or be aligned to the financial demands of any industry, including larger enterprises, universities, government organisations and health care providers.

“They reduce capital outlay, mitigate large-scale deployment risks and let customers pay per user per feature per month,” he said.

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