IBM Offers ERP Performance Guarantees

Installing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is daunting, but IBM Corp. is trying to take some of the worry out of the task by offering, through reseller partners, a "performance guarantee" for Baan Co.'s software running on IBM RS/6000 machines.

The offer is just the first in a series that will include IBM performance guarantees for ERP software from a variety of other vendors, according to IBM. The other vendors have not yet been named. ERP software typically comprises accounting, human-resources, financial-management, facility- and supply-management functions.

IBM's Performance Protection Plan is part of its Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Series. The ERP Solution Series for Baan consists of six pre-configured RS/6000 systems, sold through resellers. The resellers guide first-time ERP customers through a selection process to match a system to their needs, after which customers can enroll in the performance plan at no extra charge over the price of the hardware and software bundle, according to IBM.

The performance guarantee plan is now being offered in North America and Mexico, though IBM expects to extend the offer to other parts of the world, said an official for one of IBM's outside public relations firms, who asked not to be quoted.