What's new from: Logitech, Thrustmaster, NEC, Jazz, Nostromo, Albatron, Nintendo


This Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick has been developed specifically for gaming and uses 2.4GHz radio frequency technology with a range of six metres. Proprietary power management delivers 50 hours of game play to a set of batteries. The design features an aluminium trigger, metal throttle and heavy rubber base. Additional features include a twist handle for precise rudder control, 10 programmable buttons and an eight-way hat switch.

RRP: $169 (inc GST).

Logitech's Cordless Controller for PlayStation is a wireless controller that communicates over the 2.4GHz frequency and is reliable within a six-metre range. Up to eight controllers can be used with no interference and the batteries will last over 50 hours with the vibration feedback enabled. The controller features an eight-way pressure-sensitive D-pad, digital, analog and driving modes, and analog pressure-sensitive buttons. It works with games an all PlayStation consoles.

RRP: $119 (inc GST).

Distributors: Tech Pacific, 1300 651 124; and BJE Enterprises, 02 8850 1000.


Thrustmaster has taken a majority market share in both the steering wheels and game pads categories, and is hoping to do the same in joysticks. The USB Joystick is a low-cost entry-level product that utilises USB connectivity for easy plug and play.

RRP: $29.95.

Guillemot is hoping the Thrustmaster Ferrari Licensed F1 Force Feedback Wheel, which is a replica of the one in Michael Schumacher's World Champion Ferrari car, will do better than Logitech's MOMO, which has not done big numbers because of its $549 price tag. This one retails for $150 less and has the added benefit of the Ferrari licence.

RRP: $399.

Distributor: Guillemot Australia, 02 8303 1818.


The NEC HT 1000 Entertainment Projector is something for the gamer who has everything, including a fat wallet. The new projector features a 3000:1 contrast ratio - nearly doubling the performance of any other home entertainment projector available today. It gives users the ability to project an image of up to 200 inches in a family room or home theatre for larger-than-life display of everything from pay TV and HDTV to videogames, computers, digital pictures and DVDs.

RRP: Available in November, it will retail for $8,690 (inc GST).

NEC Australia: 131 632.


The wireless J9940B, 5.1 home theatre system from Jazz has a centre speaker that doubles as the transmitter for the two rear wireless satellites. Total RMS output is 180 watts, and the wireless signal has a range of about 20 metres. The system is designed for use with devices such as DVD players, HDTV systems, game consoles and other audio devices.

RRP: $1,099.

Distributor: Rectron Electronics, 03 9561 6166 or 02 9748 7725.


Nostromo's n50 SpeedPad can best be described as a combination keyboard and game pad. The 10 keys on the n50 act as keys on a keyboard with the advantage of being easily accessible and intuitively configured. It also has an eight-way directional pad, much like the d-pad on a standard game pad.

RRP: $69.95

Distributor: Ingram Micro, 1300 653 333.


Albatron's Ti4400 Graphics Card features the nVidia GeForce4 Ti4400 GPU and comes with 128MB 128-bit DDR memory. It supports nfiniteFX II Engine, Accuview Anti-aliasing, nView for multi-display options, and DVI, TV-Out, bundle IVI DVD player software. Serious Sam and Motocross Madness games are bundled with it.

RRP: $495 (inc GST).

Distributor: Natcomp, 02 9712 0099.


The same size as the standard GameCube controller, the Nintendo WaveBird Wireless controller runs on two AA batteries, has 16 different selectable frequencies and boasts up to 100 hours of game play. It has a reliable range of about six metres.

RRP: $69.95 (suggested).

Nintendo Australia: 03 9730 9900.