Zendesk unveils new analytics visualisation tool

Republic Wireless, Shopify and HootSuite have adopted Zendesk's Insights

Zendesk has launched a new analytics tool which enables companies to measure the effectiveness of customer support, benchmark themselves against industry peers and better understand their customers.

Insights, allows organisations to measure and visualise the impact of their customer service interactions managed through its Cloud-based customer service platform.

Its available to customers on the Plus, Enterprise and Enterprise Elite pricing plans as a core feature of Zendesk’s customer service platform.

The new "dynamic dashboards" and reports make it easier for support teams to navigate and understand their data, according to a company statement.

They can filter metrics by categories including support channels, groups of agents, and specific sets of customers.

It can also zoom into a worldwide map of support inquiries and enables organisations to compare themselves to industry peers through the Zendesk Benchmark, which combines customer service data from more than 23,000 participating Zendesk customer accounts globally.

Zendesk’s vice president of products, Sam Boonin, said businesses were facing a data deluge.

"They want information that they can use to reshape their operations and customer relationships,” he said.

“With Insights, Zendesk does the heavy lifting to help support leaders apply their data and make business decisions that improve their relationships with customers.”

Republic Wireless, Shopify and HootSuite are among the companies that are using Zendesk Insights.

Republic Wireless vice president, Doc Shufelt, said Insights gave his company more context to understand the lifecycle of each ticket and interaction between customers and agents.

“This allows us to gather relevant data that helps us understand, develop and improve each agent’s performance. It provides data to make future staffing and training decisions,” he said.