State of the IT Channel available to download

Check out what our annual report on the channel reveals

The annual State of the IT Channel report is now available for download, revealing management strategies, technology directions, salaries, challenges and opportunities for organisations operating in this important sector.

With the ICT industry in transition - taking continued steps towards Cloud computing and a services revenue model - there's never been a better time to analyse the data and consider the top trends and market shifts as a backdrop to organisational moves and strategies.

Data from the annual report was compiled from the responses of more than 200 people, nearly half of whom were CEOs and managing directors (49 per cent), followed by people in sales (25 per cent) and marketing (3 per cent).

The responses reveal managed services captures the lion share of revenue growth for partners in 2013, making 2014 'the year of managed services' for many resellers with a remarkable 70 per cent expecting it will be the biggest area of growth, eclipsing even Cloud.

Another top finding is the continual fascination and importance of securing new customers and also in maintaining existing customers - considered key strategic directives. Indeed, the report proves the channel is even more customer-centric than ever.

And those are just some of the key findings - so visit State of the IT Channel, fill in the form and you will be taken to a page where you can download a pdf containing major graphical insights and a full analysis of the findings in the report.