Efficiency efforts leading businesses to MPS: Samsung

Technology vendor finds changing workplace dynamics is causing businesses to approach printing differently

Efficiency and cost reduction efforts are driving Australian businesses to adopt managed print services (MPS), according to Samsung.

Business solutions director, Todd Lynton, said local organisations want solutions that can be easily deployed and accessed by a workforce that is increasingly tech-savvy and mobile.

“Integration between printers, business processes and mobile devices is driving a very clear demand from businesses for technology that offers work flow management,” he said.

A trend Lynton is seeing at organisations is the shift from printing from a single unit or device, whether it is from a desktop PC or smartphone.

“A seamless experience across a fleet of printers and devices is something we know Australian businesses are seeking to experiences, so the ability to provide that is more important than ever before,” he said.

A managed approach

As for what will continue to drive MPS adoption, Lynton points to the need for a centrally managed hardware and services offering.

“It will include traditional print devices and involve managed solutions that encompass multiple devices beyond traditional IT technology,” he said.

Lynton describes this as an evolution towards complete “managed business solutions.”

“Leveraging the MPS business model, customers will have the ability to include other devices and shift the way they procure, pay for and manage them,” he said.

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