Two out of three graphics cards sold in Australia are high end: AMD

Microchip manufacturer sees strong demand for its high end graphics cards

AMD is seeing strong demand for its high performance cards in Australia, with two out of three cards sold last year in the R9 series.

A/NZ country manager, Peter Chambers, attributes the popularity of the cards beyond gaming.

“Adoption of the cards for other applications has helped our business,” he said.

Despite the high retail price of the R9 series, Chambers said local consumers view it as “good performance bang for buck.”

“When the R9 came out, the good value for money really struck a chord with people,” he said.

The Radeon R9 270, 270X and 280 fall into AMD’s high end tier, while the Radeon R9 280X, 290, 290X and 295X2 are in the enthusiast tier.

A powerful bundle

AMD has found Australian customers are typically well informed about each card tier and the associated benefits.

“They do a lot of research online first and figured out what they want,” Chambers said.

He adds that a significant portion of AMD's business is through online, where customers seek products through online and not brick-and-mortar stores .

Thanks to the higher retail price, Chambers said the strong sales of the high end cards have been “very good for business.”

In the channel, AMD has been running its “Never Settle Forever” bundle program for its cards.

The promotion allows customers to select up to three free games after purchasing a Radeon product.

Chambers said the program has seen a strong local uptake thanks to the bundling of high profile titles.

“It has been very received thanks to AAA titles being included and not ‘in-game credits’ that can be found in other promotions,” he said.

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