MSP growth a reflection of market: Trend Micro

Security vendor finds a growing number of partners and reseller are adopting managed services

Trend Micro is seeing a shift in the partner landscape away from traditional sources of revenue.

MSP global solutions marketing manager, Ryan Delany, said there is a movement away from the margin based software and hardware sales model to generating reoccurring revenue through managed services.

“It’s a significant focus for us and currently a growing component of our business,” he said.

Delany admits managed services forms a small part of the security vendor’s overall revenue base, though adds that the space is showing a lot of potential.

“It’s growing quickly as partners are making that transition and augmenting their traditional business models,” he said.

The knowledge gap

As for how clued up partners and resellers are with managed services, Delany said a "scale of maturity" exists.

“In general we don’t have to spend a lot of time convincing people to change their business model to managed services,” he said.

“Instead we spend more time building awareness and educating them on our particular program, as well as how it aligns with their business and what we can bring to the table.”

Along the maturity scale, Delany said there are certain partners that do not understand managed services and/or do not want to understand it.

“Even then it’s around using our managed services program and what they can expect from it, as well as why it is good for growing their business,” he said.

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