Application-aware storage eliminates SAN admin

Global pharmaceutical supplier, Colorcon, installs four Tintri VMstore T540 storage arrays

Cloud storage firm, Tintri, has brought its application-aware technology to global pharmaceutical supplier Colorcon’s virtualised environment.

The new solution, which underpins the Colorcon’s entire virtualisation environment has improved administration time and cut deployment time by a multiple of ten, according to Colorcon.

It's legacy SAN was struggling to support the company's VMware and Windows environments across its growing global operations.

With no dedicated SAN administrator and an ongoing need to create more disk space, Colorcon's IT team faced time-consuming and inefficient trouble-shooting processes on a day-to-day basis.

Colorcon's manager of global network architecture, Paul Newman, said Tintri’s application-aware storage eliminated the need to hire a dedicated SAN admin.

“Its simplicity has eliminated over an hour per week for routine maintenance, including software upgrades and configuring new LUNs. Tintri really is a 'set it and forget it' platform."

Colorcon has installed four Tintri VMstore T540 storage arrays. Two are at the company's UK datacentre and the other two are at Colorcon's US facility.

The solution also allows Colorcon to replicate critical VMs from the US to the UK for disaster recovery purposes.

Newman said that Tintri's intuitive user interface enabled the company to quickly identify problematic virtual machines.

“This is essential for the fast-paced pharmaceutical sector," he said.

"I can immediately see if one VM is bringing down performance across the entire stack. Tintri's visibility into individual VM performance is unparalleled."

Tintri EMEA VP, Doug Rich, said the Colorcon project allowed the company to put Tintri's performance capabilities and cost effectiveness up against those of a legacy SAN product.

“The resulting deployment has exactly matched Colorcon's needs - providing a solution that requires very little attention from the IT team, whilst improving the performance of the company's IT systems and making VM deployment times ten times faster," he said.