Rate of innovation remains high in enterprise: Motorola

Telecommunications vendor also foresees a strong counterattack by retailers in response to online

The rate of innovation in the enterprise space was strong in 2013, according to Motorola Solutions A/NZ managing director, Steven Crutchfield.

While change can be found everywhere in the IT industry, Crutchfield said the surprising thing was the speed at which traditionally risk-adverse industries, such as logistics, mining, and healthcare, were adopting newer technologies and mobile applications.

“These enterprises are looking for consumer-class style and sophistication, while ensuring solutions they deploy are hard-wearing and tailored for their specific use,” he said.

“This emphasis on the end user experience and providing workforces with similar interfaces they rely on in their personal lives has definitely increased over the past year.”

Crutchfield highlights retail as a sector making use of technology in new and innovative ways.

“Brick and mortar stores are contemplating better integration of their marketing and technology systems in increasingly sophisticated ways,” he said.

As for Big Data analysis, Crutchfield said what was demonstrated this year is “only beginning” of what impact the technology will have on the way people shop in Australia.

The return of retail

With the growth of ecommerce, Crutchfield expects the retail industry to evolve further technologically next year, particularly as bricks-and-mortar stores work towards addressing “the online threat.”

“This will include free Wi-Fi in-store becoming not just an option, but a necessity for retailers as part of an integrated omni-channel approach to marketing and sales,” he said.

As for what else traditional retail can do to stay ahead in 2014, Crutchfield said the benefits of online must be replicated in-store, such as price comparisons, speed of connection and competition.

“You will see retailers combining these benefits with the natural strengths of traditional shopping, such as the opportunity to touch, try on and take home your chosen items,” he said.

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