ChannelPace reveals new business partner program

ChannelPace combines contact management, business networking, company CRM and social communication on one platform.

Business networking system, ChannelPace, plans to roll out a new channel program next year and is encouraging business partners to register their interest.

ChannelPace combines contact management, business networking, company CRM and social communication on one platform.

“As someone who has lived and breathed channel for 25 years, we were always going to make our solution available through partners,” ChannelPace CEO, Greg Furlong, said.

“Channelpace is currently available for individuals to join, and we are accelerating our plans to enable businesses to implement ChannelPace.”

The rollout of the new program stems from demand within the SMB sector.

“This sector of the market is very receptive to uncomplicated CRM and business-networking, along with the benefits of cloud,” he said.

Recognising that there are many varied routes to market, ChannelPace will have a partner program that encompasses resellers, agents and consultants. It will be tailored to look after the different needs of customers and partners in a wide variety of industry channels.

“Small and medium businesses are looking to their accountants and business advisors, and larger enterprises typically have a relationship with a reseller in the IT channel.” he said. “Our partner program recognises that different businesses have different needs, and seek advice and solutions from a wide range of providers.

“Working with the channel is in our DNA and we understand the importance of a vibrant and engaged partner community. We know that partners will typically be closer to their customers than we could ever be."

Furlong has racked up more than 25 years experience in the IT industry, most recently working for IBM before deciding to branch out on his own and creating the ChannelPace system.

The business-to-business cloud-based system aims to replace traditional customer relationship management software, business networking systems (like LinkedIn) and contact management systems such as Plaxo. But there’s a slight twist in the scheme, contacts entered into the system are owned by the user and the not the company, and users can securely access the system outside of the enterprise (even though access is controlled by the enterprise), and there is no password to remember.

“It’s an idea that I’ve had for 20 years to solve four main business problems that I and everyone I’ve worked with have always run across. It’s contact management, business networking, CRM and social communications. All those four things are available today in different places, but they’ve never been done together on a single platform,” he said.

“Our most valuable assets in business are our contacts and keeping all your business contacts organised in one place now that we’ve got multiple devices is becoming harder and harder.

“ChannelPace is a place where you can put all your business contacts, but the system forces full information - no personal details, but things like company name, address, and then it asks for more information on what industry the company in and what’s the role of the company within that channel.”