The pixels are coming: Dell rolls out new 4K monitor lineup

  • Jon Gold (Network World)
  • 03 December, 2013 23:23

Dell launched its new line of super-high definition monitors on Monday, showing off three new models of 4K screen [4,000 pixels] that spanned several size categories and price points.

The flagship, which Dell said is designed for specialists like digital artists, designers and video game creators, is the UltraSharp 32 UltraHD, a 3840x2160 IGZO LCD panel that measures 32 inches on the diagonal and boasts numerous handy connectivity options, including its own suite of USB ports and a media card reader.

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The price for the UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD will retail for $3,500. A 24-inch model is also available for a slightly more digestible $1,400, though currently in the Americas only. (The UltraSharp 24 UltraHD will go on sale worldwide on Dec. 16.)

Cheaper still, however, will be the UltraSharp 28 UltraHD, which will roll out in "early 2014," according to Dell, and which will be available at sub-$1,000. Considering that most 4K monitors on the market currently cost more than $3,000, that's likely to prove an attractive price.

Uptake of 4K monitors has been slow, thus far. Even for cutting-edge types like hardcore PC gamers, the price coupled with the fact that even very good desktop GPUs will struggle to run modern games in 4K resolution is too high, and the technology is essentially a niche one. That said, more competitive pricing and constantly improving graphical hardware could change all that.

The announcement comes a little more than a week before the company's Dell World conference its first since founder Michael Dell took the firm private in a $25 billion deal in Austin is set to begin. In addition to CEO Dell and vice chairman Jeff Clarke, Tesla CEO and geek icon Elon Musk will headline the event's slate of speakers.

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