Panviva launches SupportPoint Cloud

Next-generation software retains the functionality of the original in a true ‘cloud-by-design’ solution.

Panviva has launched the next generation of its flagship software product with the introduction of SupportPoint Cloud.

SupportPoint Cloud is built on open standards and provides all the advantages of Cloud technology.

This includes flexibility of deployment, scalability, reduced costs of administration and ownership and ease of integration.

SupportPoint is a business process guidance system that simplifies tasks for online workers in complex business environments.

It provides step-by-step navigation and moment-of-need answers for people working through procedures that require a high degree of accuracy, speed, and compliance.

Panvivo CIO Ben Cordeiro said the next-generation software retained the functionality of the original product in a true ‘cloud-by-design’ solution.

“We have re-engineered our software from the mechanical level all the way to the user interface, enabling us to embed cloud design principles at the core of our product’s architecture,” he said.

“In doing so we’ve created a solution that’s truly future-proof, leveraging the best of contemporary system design thinking and technologies, allowing SupportPoint to rapidly align with shifting market demands and deliver significant business benefits to both our on-premise and cloud customers for many years to come.”

The major benefits of the new product include flexible deployment and reduced total cost of ownership, customer self-service, scalability and interoperability.

It can also display its content on any browser-enabled device.

Panviva chief executive Ted Gannan said it would put the company at the forefront, enabling it to quickly and continuously deliver innovation that helps our customers deliver better service at lower cost and higher levels of compliance.

“It is a game-changer,” he said.