GFI's August outage won't be repeated

GFI has updated its Australian infrastructure to ensure outages won't occur again

GFI, which makes the GFI Max platform for MSPs has said that the Australian outages in August won't be repeated.

GFI Max's director of engineering, Mark Petrie, told attendees at the company's Sydney conference that the company underestimated the market growth in Australia, which saw the system overloaded.

"We didn't invest in the infrastructure to meet market demand," he said.

It is estimated that the system was facing 5000-6000 queries per second, which the system couldn't handle. This saw MSPs unable to access the software dashboard.

The company apologised to attendees and said the company is already putting in place upgrades and safeguards to ensure it doesn't happen again.

It has added all new infrastructure, including a gigabit backbone and new database servers as part of a 'big A-NZ investment'.

It is also moving its servers to Rackspace, which will be based in Brisbane to reduce lag on the company's cloud offerings (and, presumedly, its soon to be launched MDM platform). The switch will be occurring on 2-4 October.

General manager Dr Alistair Forbes told ARN that the company has seen 50 per cent growth year on year in the Australian market, and has now 8000 MSPs on the books.

He said the company has learned its lesson, and while its temporary solutions took longer to bite than he would've liked, it has also hired two more engineers to avoid any recurrence.

"We had an issue and we fronted up today to be honest about it," he said.

"What we're putting in place we've tested and proved that it will scale to 8-10 times what the current demand is. We're making that investment because we absolutely do not want a recurrence."

Allan Swann is a Senior Editor at IDG Communications Australia. Follow Allan on Twitter at @allanswann.