Conec 2 not in discussions with Kogan Mobile

No negotiations with former ispONE customer Kogan Mobile to bring it to the Conec 2 stable

Conec 2has confirmed to ARN that it is not in any discussions to provide services for Kogan Mobile, which was left out in the cold after ispONE's collapse last month.

Kogan Mobile was left hanging after ispONE went into administration on August 19 and decided to end operations after a spat with Telstra.

Any hopes that Kogan might reconsider were dashed, as a Conec 2 spokesperson told us there have been no negotiations with the former MVNO as part of the ispONE purchase.

Kogan had no replied to requests for comment at the time of print.

ispONE's other key MVNO customer was Aldi mobile, which joins Conec 2 under the terms of purchase.

The spokesperson told ARN that ispONE's wholesale mobile service provider operations would be unaffected, stating simply that it will be "business as usual" in the short term, with no impact to end users and wholesale customers.

However when asked whether the ispONE branding would remain (or be folded into Codec 2's branding), the spokesperson said "no comment."

Allan Swann is a Senior Editor at IDG Communications Australia. Follow Allan on Twitter at @allanswann.