ICT Industry calls on Abbott to act immediately to restore confidence

AIIA calls on government to deliver on commitments around digital economy, cloud computing and NBN

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has urged the coalition to restore business confidence, by delivering on its promises concerning the digital economy within its first 100 days in government.

AIIA chief executive Suzanne Campbell said the new government needed to work to rebuild business confidence and drive productivity with immediacy, for the good of Australia’s global competitive future.

“Given the breadth of digital economy commitments outlined during the election campaign, we strongly encourage the new Government to move quickly to make appropriate machinery of government changes to ensure the effective execution of these key policies; particularly in the areas of cloud computing, e-government and the NBN."

She said the new government had a real opportunity to refocus efforts on industry and business development and, in line with the rest of the world, ICT enabled innovation to drive productivity and competitiveness.

“We welcome the opportunity to work with the Prime Minister-designate and his team to achieve success in the investment in ICT skills, using technology more effectively in the public sector and encouraging innovation and research,” Campbell concluded.