Espinel appointed as president and CEO of BSA

IP enforcement coordinator for the Obama Administration, Victoria Espinel, takes up top role at industry body

Victoria Espinel has been named president and CEO of IT industry body, BSA.

She comes into the role on September 3 after serving in the Obama Administration as the nation’s first intellectual property enforcement coordinator.

Espinel willl work closely with BSA’s member companies to foster continued technological innovation around the world.

“Software drives growth and productivity in all sectors of the global economy, and it enriches modern life,” she said.

“BSA will continue to be a forceful and effective advocate on issues central to the next phase of the industry’s growth as rapid changes in the digital landscape create new opportunities and policy priorities.”

Before Espinel served in the Obama Administration, she first worked with the Bush Administration as a senior counsel in the office of the US trade representative, and then as an assistant US trade representative for intellectual property and innovation.

A good fit

BSA board chairman, senior vice president and general counsel of Autodesk, Pascal Di Fronzo, said Espinel’s expertise relating to trade policy, market access and IP protection issues made her a good fit for the leadership role.

“She is recognised around the world as a pre-eminent leader on intellectual property and trade issues, not just because of the positions she has held, but also because she is viewed as a knowledgeable, trustworthy, honest broker,” he said.

Di Fronzo also decribes Espinel as a “proven leader” that will be an “outstanding advocate” for the industry.

“She understands well where the balance of public interests lies as technology innovation continues to transform the international marketplace and enhance our increasingly digital society,” he said.

For that reason, Di Fronzo expects Espinel to “be a significant asset for the software industry as its chief spokesperson and advocate."

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.