Sophos and Nominum collaborate on DNS-based network protection

Security vendors partner on advanced in-network protection to target ISPs and enterprises

Security vendors, Nominum and Sophos have entered into a joint partnership to provide a security solution aimed at network service providers and large enterprise networks that need advanced, DNS-based in-network protection capability.

The product integrates Nominum Network Security with the Sophos Secure Surfing Service (S4) to detect, terminate and alert network operators and users to malware activity, such as viruses, intrusions and botnets.

By utilising intelligence from the DNS, Sophos APAC managing director, Stuart Fisher, said the joint solution with Nominum offers a high level of protection for all network users.

“We provide threat intelligence feeds to our network, gateway and endpoint security products,” he said.

“Our partnership with Nominum extends this intelligence to the DNS level, offering security in the core operations of the network.”

Fisher adds that the partnership will open up new opportunities for the two vendors in the region.

“Considering the value this partnership will bring into our core markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, ASEAN, China and India, we anticipate we will see a high-level of adoption,” he said.

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Nominum business development vice president, Brian McElroy, expects the partnership with Sophos to result in increased protection to Internet users across multiple platforms.

“A joint Nominum-Sophos security solution offers near real-time, zero day in-network protection,” he said.

McElroy compares this to the Interpol-fed Nominum Content Blocking solution deployed in Australian carrier networks, which protects Internet users from child sexual exploitation content.

“Adding this new policy and protection in-network from malicious threats makes great sense,” he said.

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