ASR receives $500,000 in funding for digital business kit

Legal professionals, ICT consultants, engineers and financial advisers could improve business using the NBN

Peak business body for the Australian services industry, the Australian Services Roundtable (ASR) will receive $500,000 in Federal Government funding to develop a digital business kit to help the sector get online and use the NBN to drive productivity.

The announcement follows the recent news that the Rudd Labor Government will provide a total of $5 million to develop digital business kits for 10 industry sectors.

Most recently, Restaurant and Catering Australia received a grant of $500,000 for small to medium sized operators to get online and use the NBN to drive productivity.

Labor minister assisting for the digital economy, Kate Lundy, announced the grant while visiting the Financial Services Council, which will benefit from the development of the ASR digital business kit.

She claimed that as a result of the funding, legal professionals, ICT consultants, architects, engineers and financial advisers will be able to access tailored advice on how to improve and build their businesses by using the NBN and adapting to the digital economy.

The digital business kit will include a suite of online and real-time training tools such as Cloud based applications, business case studies, interactive small group training sessions and webinars.

“For businesses to take full advantage of the NBN they need targeted information, as well as an understanding of how leading SMEs in their industry sector are using the Internet and online tools,” she said.

According to Lundy, the online opportunities for the professional services industry are endless, and the kit will demonstrate how embracing the NBN and the digital economy can help businesses reach new customers, increase trade, as well as find efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

“Many architects and engineers are realising the power enabler that is the NBN and how through increased speeds SMEs are able to share and relay blueprints, designs and drawings with clients in Australian and overseas.”

The kit will also be regularly updated to incorporate new ways of making use of the NBN as these emerge in the sector.