NBN Co launches new speeds for fixed wireless network

New services to enable people living in rural and regional Australia to access broadband services

NBN Co has launched new speeds for its fixed wireless service, which enables 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds.

These new speeds are available to all customers on NBN Co’s fixed wireless network.

Labor minister for regional communications, Sharon Bird, officially launched the new, higher speed fixed wireless service.

According to Bird, the new service means that people living in rural and regional Australia are able to access faster broadband services than what they got over the ageing copper ADSL network.

“Businesses in rural and regional Australia will no longer be at a disadvantage compared to those in cities,” she said.

Bird claimed that as a result of the Federal Labor’s uniform national wholesale price, the new service has the same wholesale price – $27 per month – as a service delivered over fibre in the city.

“Unfortunately, the Liberal National Coalition has said they will rip away Federal Labor’s uniform wholesale price, which means people and businesses in the regions will pay more than those in the city.

“It is extraordinary that the National Party, which claims to represent regional Australia, have fought tooth and nail against fair and equal access to affordable, reliable, high speed broadband for people living in regional and rural areas,” she added.

NBN fixed wireless customers can contact their service providers if they wish to upgrade to the higher speeds that are now available.