Cloud adoption in Australia significantly higher than two years ago: Citrix

Enterprise software and Cloud solutions provider finds local Cloud adoption is in line with the US

A recent IDC study found that 86 per cent of businesses in Australia are now using the Cloud. That number, up from 71 per cent in 2012, does not surprise Citrix CloudBridge Product Group vice president and general manager, Chalan Aras.

“More than the high percentage, it is a matter of how much of the business Australian companies have shifted to the Cloud,” he said.

“They could be simply dabbling in the Cloud with one application or going wholly with it, but in general the number is in line with what we’re seeing locally.”

Aras admits that the percentage would have been much smaller as recently as two years ago, but recent months have pushed Cloud adoption to the upper end.

As for how this number compares to the US market, Aras said the result would be similar depending on the size of the enterprises surveyed.

“It is good to see that, because the Cloud and services based on the technology offer a more effective cost delivery model,” he said.

“It is encouraging to hear that the Australian market is taking advantage of the same technology as in the US.”

A second home

As for what is driving the popularity and usefulness of the Cloud in the APAC region, Aras said it comes down to the implementation.

“Successful deployment is key with any application and this is true for the Cloud, because you have less control of how the application is delivered once it is in the Cloud,” he said.

Some of the key learnings Citrix has seen over the last few years include understanding how the application is consumed, such as the volume of transactions, location of users, and whether they can be served by the datacentres.

Distance and bandwidth also matter when a service is running in the Cloud.

“In the case of multinationals located within Australia, dual homed Cloud services could be the way,” he said.

“One leg might be in Asia, such as Singapore or Hong Kong, and another could be in Australia with back-up and other services.”

Aras sees the opportunities in Australia being connected to the size of the market and businesses, as well as the unique geographic location providing an alternative place to run Cloud services.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.