Telstra boosts Wholesale e-services

Telstra Wholesale renewed its push into e-services with the launch of its new customer Web site: ( signifying clear distinction between the telco's retail and wholesale operations.

The site is designed to provide specific information for wholesale customers, stakeholders and the wider industry, according to David Rampa, national general manager, customer marketing and sales operations. Rampa told ARN Telstra is taking a revived 'responsible' approach to leading the telecommunications and networking sector into the e-commerce environment," he said.

"There is a feeling among our partners that the telecommunications industry overall is lagging in e-business," said Rampa. "This is coupled with an expectation that Telstra should be a leader in the introduction of e-services."

Rampa said wholesale customers are saving up to 40 per cent in costs by moving their transactions online and reducing cashflow and fraud, automating rote transactions thus reducing staff and making electronic billing seamless.

"As it stands, the reseller is always at a competitive disadvantage when we want to reconfigure a customer's service or fix a fault," said one Telstra Wholesale customer. "E-business with Telstra and other carriers will reduce our competitive disadvantage."

However, this will only occur if there is a set e-commerce industry standards, the absence of which is slowing uptake as businesses fear investing in the wrong technology, according to Rampa.

"An e-business solution is not of the most value if it doesn't tee up with total industry e-business," he said. "If resellers need different solutions to deal with different suppliers it just increases their cost of business."

Telstra Wholesale is also pressuring the government to spend the $A4.5 million which was contributed by the telco over two years ago for development of an e-commerce strategy.