PowerTel partners with RequestDSL

Fledgling wholesale DSL provider RequestDSL has selected PowerTel to provide high-speed Asynchronous Tranfer Mode (ATM) services to interconnect DSL exchanges.

While RequestDSL CEO Philip Sykes refused to be drawn on the financial details, he confirmed that the partnership with PowerTel would enable increased provision of the company's DSL products.

"This new partnership with PowerTel will enable us to rapidly roll out our network services," Sykes said. "PowerTel has shown its commitment to broadband networks by investing heavily in the technology."

According to Sykes, there was a certain level of synergy between the companies as both are heavily reliant on Cisco technology and network services. He also describes the partnership as typical of the sorts of business relationships that are becoming increasingly common in the IT sector.

"Smaller telcos are increasingly coming together. We are all specialists in different areas. It is only through partnerships with a range of players that we can help to build complete services," Sykes said. "Because we are so specialised we can cut down on inefficiencies."

RequestDSL is currently providing wholesale DSL broadband services to ASPs and ISPs, as well as networking integrators in Sydney and Melbourne.

"We are working with those in the IT channel that provide business networking services -- ISPs and the LAN or WAN integrators," Sykes said. "We have reached a critical mass in the cities where we are already represented. We are already building a network in a third city and, over the next 12 months, hope to expand into most major capital cities in Australia."