Maxtor/Quantum promise: business as usual

After months of deliberations, Maxtor and Quantum shareholders have finally agreed to the merger announced in September last year. The final deal will see Quantum HDD shareholders receive 1.25 shares in Maxtor for every Quantum HDD share. Maxtor will also take possession of all of the infrastructure associated with the Quantum HDD company which has always been focused on the manufacture of hard disks.

According to David Rawcliff, Quantum's vice president of sales, Asia-Pacific, the company initially separated into two tracking stocks in order to allow the DSS branch to develop separately from the more volatile hard disk market.

"As Quantum has been running the two divisions quite separately for some time now there won't be any major ramifications in the Asia Pacific region," Rawcliff said.

Quantum now consists of three branches, Quantum DLT, Snap appliances and Quantum ATL. While the latter is set to ramp up its Australian presence through a new Sydney-based test centre, Quantum DLT and Snap appliances are to remain in Singapore, addressing the Australian channel through local distributors ACA Pacific, Lan 1 and Digital Tape Solution.

Similarly, Maxtor has moved to reassure its channel that the merger will not result in any changes to its present distribution arrangements.

Maxtor's Australian national sales manager Craig Davis said that the company would continue to work with traditional distributor partners such as Tech Pacific and BBF, and also take on Quantum HDD partners Ingram Micro and Digiland.

"It is a good marriage, the Maxtor distributors will now have access to Quantum products and vice-versa," Davis said.

While Davis said that the full integration of Quantum HDD was yet to be finalised, at this stage two Quantum HDD representatives would move across into Maxtor's Bondi offices.

"Essentially our reseller partners, and Quantum's reseller partners will not notice much of a difference, it will be business as usual," Davis said.