Alcatel looks to boost certified reseller ranks

Alcatel is on the hunt for new certified resellers to round out its Australian channel. The networking and telecoms vendor has also announced enhanced financial support for partners.

Alcatel Australia channel manager, Vaughan Webster, said its certified resellers now have the opportunity to access funding to attend its annual forum in Paris, France, being held on February 8-10 next year.

Previously, resellers were invited to attend but found it difficult to justify the trip financially.

"Resellers can now use the cooperative funding from distributors to help fund their trip to Paris," Webster said. "This forum will help them understand upcoming products through live demos, as well as provide a roadmap on Alcatel for the next 12 months."

The level of funding provided to partners will be based on their sales results achieved, he said.

Alongside the new financial incentive for resellers, Webster said Alcatel is also looking to grow its certified channel base through local distributors, Vexpress and Inter Pacific Communications.

The vendor currently has 80 certified resellers Australia-wide. It also maintains five premium partners for its enterprise accounts, including Integ/Lanlink and Nexon Asia-Pacific.

While recognising the reseller base as significant, Webster said there were still several areas Alcatel was looking to boost its numbers, both geographically and vertically.

"We're strong in education in some states, especially in Western Australia, and somewhat in NSW and Queensland," he said. "These states are decentralised enough in terms of how the government departments are run for resellers to capitalise on that.

"Queensland and Victoria are the two main states where we could sustain more resellers."

Although Alcatel was not putting a cap on the number of partners it planned to sign up, Webster said it would ensure that it did not introduce any channel conflict or overlap.

At present, resellers were exceeding Alcatel's expectations in terms of quality of their service offerings and the financial targets set for them via the distributors, he said.

"We've seen strong results for us in the southern region particularly," Webster said.

"In the past, partners only worked with the distributor to do the box drop. Now they have the confidence to commit to the sale and leverage the experience Alcatel brings to the distributor.

"Underperforming resellers are now getting up to scratch."