Inktomi seeks channel

Internet infrastructure provider Inktomi is seeking resellers and systems integrators to broaden its sales in Australia.

Mark Dowling, country manager for Inktomi Australia told ARN he is currently on some "blind dates" with several potential channel partners, but as yet he is unsure of who he will tie the knot with.

"We're after systems integrators who have a propensity to value-adding an engineering and configuration service, as well as a support capability to the product," he said. "They would need the ability to understand our technology less as a stand-alone product and more as a component of a larger solution."

Inktomi's current main SI partner is Frontline Systems, but Dowling said the vendor is looking to create a two-tiered channel model involving both margin sales-based resellers, and more importantly, systems integrators. He said he would be interested to make contact with broad-based SI's who have hardware alliances with the likes of Sun Microsystems or Hewlett-Packard. The ideal partner would also have Linux development skills on the side and good contacts in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Telecommunications industries.

"I believe caching products have become key to a successful Internet strategy," he said. "It is baseline technology. If you're leaving caching products out of your solution, you're at risk of being unfavourably compared to those who have included them."