Boxing clever?

There is nothing unusual about getting a cake from friends, family or even fellow workers when you celebrate a birthday.

But those nice people at IBM reversed the trend last week, sending ARN a big, fat chocolate cake and urging us to join them in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tivoli Storage Manager.

Needless to say, the kettle was on in a flash and the cake was reduced to a pile of crumbs quicker than a pack of piranhas could strip a goat. No self-respecting journalist would ever shy away from a celebration.

But I digress. The reason for detailing this momentous occasion is to highlight the latest piece of PR wizardry to land at our office.

The cake arrived in a rather fetching plastic container — so desirable that some members of the office were more concerned with claiming the box than eating the contents – and came with a press release from PR outfit, Text 100, detailing the history of Tivoli Storage Manager.

The last line of the release described the plastic container as a “catering storage solution”. Storage, get it?