Iomega ups CD-RW speed

Iomega has announced the availability of its new Predator 24x10x40 USB 2.0 external CD-RW drive. The device supports the new USB 2.0 connectivity standard, allowing users to burn a 60-minute audio CD in around four minutes. It is also backward-compatible with the earlier USB 1.1 standard.

The drive also features 32x digital audio extraction (DAE) speed, allowing faster rip rates. Iomega is initially targeting the drive at power users who need to store large volumes of data, but the company also sees take-up in the home market, where users can store multimedia files, digital pictures and videos games.

Buffer underrun protection and Iomega's new CD creation software, HotBurn, are also included. The 24x10x40 drive is available immediately and carries a recommended retail price of $A545.